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Korg     Crown     GK     Line 6     Peavey     Pioneer     Yamaha     Yorkville     VocoPro     Allen & Heath     Kurzweil     Wharfedale     American DJ     Martin Lights     QSC     Roland     Tascam     Shure     Audio-Technica     Sennheiser     EV     Vox     Mackie     Powersoft     Ampeg     Orange     M-Audio      MesaBoogie     Hammond      Community     Nexo     Alesis     JBL     Soundcraft     Alto     Behringer     Dynacord     Emminence     Numark     EAQ     C-Mark     Das Audio   Presonus    ...AND MANY MORE!!!


With over 20 years experience in the electronics repair industry, our facility is equipped with the most modern testing equipment, and the most skilled and experienced technician in Arkansas.  

We work on the following equipment: If you do not see your equipment listed do not hesitate to give us a call or come by so we can tell you if we can work on it or not. 99% of the cases the answer will be Yes! Stereo Receivers Electric & Acoustic Guitars Amps Power Amps Keyboards DJ Mixers DJ/CD Players Synthesizers Electric Pianos Microphones Monitors Speakers Powered Speakers Full Range Speakers Woofers/Subwoofers Guitar Pedals Turntables Analog/Digital/Power Mixer Boards Music Recorder Machines Electronic Percussion/Drum Machines Karaoke Machines Digital Audio Processors Analog Audio Processors …and many more!We repair ALL brands including: Korg Crown GK Line 6 Peavey Pioneer Yamaha Yorkville VocoPro Allen & Heath Kurzweil Wharfedale American DJ Martin Lights QSC Roland Tascam Shure Audio-Technica Sennheiser EV Vox Mackie Powersoft Ampeg Orange M-Audio MesaBoogie Hammond Community Nexo Alesis JBL Soundcraft Alto Behringer Dynacord Emminence Numark Eaw C-Mark Das Audio Presonus ….and many more!!!