TEL: 501-944-3479

1317 north hills blvd ste404

north little rock , ar 72114 



We work on the following equipment: (If you do not see your equipment listed do not hesitate to give us a call or come by so we can tell you if we can work on it or not. 99% of the cases the answer will be Yes!) Stereo Receivers Electric & Acoustic Guitars Amps Power Amps Keyboards DJ Mixers DJ/CD Players Synthesizers Electric Pianos Microphones Monitors Speakers Powered Speakers Full Range Speakers Woofers/Subwoofers Guitar Pedals Turntables Analog/Digital/Power Mixer Boards Music Recorder Machines Electronic Percussion/Drum Machines Karaoke Machines Digital Audio Processors Analog Audio Processors …and many more!We repair ALL brands including: Korg Crown GK Line 6 Peavey Pioneer Yamaha Yorkville VocoPro Allen & Heath Kurzweil Wharfedale American DJ Martin Lights QSC Roland Tascam Shure Audio-Technica Sennheiser EV Vox Mackie Powersoft Ampeg Orange M-Audio MesaBoogie Hammond Community Nexo Alesis JBL Soundcraft Alto Behringer Dynacord Emminence Numark Eaw C-Mark QRS Das Audio Presonus ….and many more!!!